Other lives

(scene opens in gamer basement)

Me: Just because someone has an online profile doesn’t mean it’s true. People lie in them all the time.
Alpha: Why?
Me: Sometimes they’re kids pretending to be adults to sound cool. Sometimes they’re adults pretending to be kids, for a variety of reasons good and bad. Sometimes they’re women pretending to be men so that way other men won’t say awful stuff to them to get them to stop playing or to hurt their feelings.
Alpha: Why would they want them to quit.
Me: Because some guys think that girls don’t like Star Trek, Star Wars, video games or comic books or any of that stuff. They think they’re faking it just to find friends or boyfriends or to look cool.
Alpha: (incredulous) You’re level 36 in Skyrim! How can anyone think you’re fake gamer girl?!?
Me: (resigned yet bemused) It happens.

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