Teachable moments

Just explained to Alpha that losing the Library of Alexandria was like having humanity start over at lvl 1 and re-learning/discovering all the skills/knowledges to be a boss. Not sure if I’m appalled at myself at the comparison or intensely gratified how horrified Alpha was at the loss of the Library.

She gets it

(Scene opens with boys watching disabled child carried onto Great America ride)
Alpha: That’s so sad, he can’t walk or even move his head.
Me: Yes, but look, his big brother is holding him up so he can have fun too. It’s why I’m so lucky that you guys can walk and talk. And mostly well behaved.
Alpha: (mean mug)
Other Mom In Line (starts laughing) Sometimes you can’t have too many expectations.
Me: (nods sagely) Sometimes you have to set that bar on “average”.
(collective children mean mug)

Rectifying oversites

Memories from Camp:
Me: Beta! Camp! Adventure! Fun! What do we do first?!
Beta: Trading post?
Me: uh….after adventure! Fun! New experiences! What’s first!?
Beta: Trading post?
Me: Why the hell do you want to go to the trading post?
Beta: They have choco-tacos. I’ve never had one.
Me: ….clearly I have been remiss in my parenting duties. To the trading post.