Fashion adventure

(scene opens on basement stairs)
Gamma: I want to wear my new hoodie!
Husband: (fusses with zipper) Can you get this to work?
Me: (fusses with zipper that isn’t setting right)
Husband: What do we not do while wearing white?
Gamma: Color on it?
Husband: Right. We don’t eat while wearing white. We don’t wear it outside. We don’t use markers and we don’t color on our white hoodie. Got it?
Me: (zips it up) There you go.
Gamma: Awesome! I’m going upstairs to use my new markers!
Husband: Get back here.

Shameless Promotions

In the spirit of full disclosure, the owner of the following company is an old grade-school chum of mine from a time long enough ago that my kids don’t believe it actually existed.  He started a company and out of the goodness of his heart, gifted me with some candles.  Not expecting this kind of spontaneous largess, I felt that it was my karmic duty to give my opinion of them.

The company is called the Wisconsin Candle Company.  They’ve got more than candles- assorted delicious looking bath sundries and beard oil for those of you who sport the glamorous facefur – but I can only speak of the delightfully smelling candles, of which I received three:

Autumnal Pumpkin: The usual fall-flavored candle, smelling of yummy warm spices oddly not heavy on the cinnamon or cloves.  Perhaps nutmeg is what I’m smelling?  It warms the room without being overpowering or cloying.

Vanilla Beans & Nectarines:   I have yet to burn this one, but just opening the tin exposes a lighter scent, more fruity than vanilla and it makes me think of alcoholic girlie drinks on the veranda.  My mouth is watering with the sweetness of it.  Again, not heavy or overpowering.

Balsam & Cinnamon:  More balsam than cinnamon, which I’m thankful for.  A house smelling of cinnamon rolls would trigger a sweet-tooth bent on carnage.  A clean scent, not as green as I would expect, but fresh.  A good one to burn if you’ve got a fake Christmas tree in the works, you can pretend you have some of that outdoorsy winter feel good smell without your carpet full of needles.

So yeah, give them a try if you are at all the candle enthusiast or need holiday and/or host(ess) gifts.  They’re very Wisconsin local, but obviously they do ship.  Thanks in advance.


Earning the title

(scene opens with sick mother watching son play)
Delta: (turns to mother, smiles brilliantly, makes clicking noises)
Me: I love you Delta.
Delta: (waves) Nye-nye.
Me: Nye-nye? Do you want to go nye-nye? (points upstairs)
Delta: (what sounds like) Ok (runs to kitchen door to be let upstairs, climbs stairs, tries to run into Gamma’s room)
Me: (scoops him up) Nye-nye in your room.
Delta: (lunges towards crib)
Me: This is why you’re my favorite, not because you’re the baby.