Finished at the starting line

(scene opens in Christmasy foyer)
Assembled kids: Bye mom! (leaves for respective schools)
Delta: (throws himself at door and screams)
Me: Sorry Delta. (removes him from front door to close it)
Delta: (collapses on carpet and screams heartbroken screams)
Me: (realizes Beta’s Baritone is forgotten, throws on clothes, throws Delta into snowgear)
Delta: (sits burbling happy in baby backpack for winter adventure)
Beta: (returns just in time for baritone) Thanks mom! Sorry! See you later!
Me: (removes coat, removes Delta from pack and coat)
Delta: (screams more heartbroken, tears of loss speckling foyer carpet)
Me: Delta. Please. Let mommy get some coffee and we will go shopping. I will let you eat snow.