On being that mom

(scene opens in snowy school yard)
Me: (waits for flood of kids to be released to waiting parents)
Teacher: Please come inside.
Me: That’s never good. (swims up stream of fleeing children)
Gamma: (grinning, wearing snow boots, new winter hat, new snow gloves sewn up that morning from yet another destructive daughter moment, no winter coat)
Teacher: (begins highly repetitive, condescending lecture on sending daughter to school with appropriate jacket as if new to parenting)
Me: (sighs) Gamma, how’d you manage that? (takes off 9 ft long Dr. Who scarf, winds it around her, waving off sketchy loaner jacket) We live a block away, she’ll be fine.
Teacher: (re-loops highly repetitive lecture.)
Me: Bye! See you tomorrow! (leaves)

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