High Needs

(scene opens in 4 am bedroom)

Delta: (off screen) Mama!
Me: (opens eyes, sees clock, lays still, hoping)
Delta: (off screen, louder) MAMA!
Me: (mouths profanities, lurches up, into Delta’s room)
Delta: (screams) MAMA I NEED YOU!
Me: (hurriedly checks small body for wetness, temperature) What’s wrong honey?
Delta: (helplessly laying in the shadows, eyes still closed, points to feet imperiously) Mama. I need my blanket.
Me: (looks at blankets laying on feet, processes, pulls blanket up to Delta’s chin)
Delta: (snuggles in, rolls over)
Me: (stumbles back to bed)
Husband: (sleepily) What was that all about?
Me: I’m putting him out with the recycling in the morning.
Husband: (pats wife comfortingly)