Behind the 8 Ball

(scene opens at New Year’s table, Dominion being set up amid the snacks)

Me: Alpha, where are you?
Alpha: (offscreen, sullen) Here.
Beta: C’mon dude, we’re going to play a card game!
Alpha: (deeper sullen) No.
Me: (frustrated) Alpha, would you please come to the table? It’s New Year’s Eve and we’re doing new family traditions. Could we play some games, please?
Alpha: (storms into the room) No! I don’t want to do nerd things! I don’t want to be a nerd!
Me: (dies a little, mists up) Oh honey, you have no idea how badly you’ve already lost that fight.

2 thoughts on “Behind the 8 Ball

    1. carrotkhan

      Thanks. I’m not sure if “Nerd” means something different for that generation, but I had this conversation with Alpha as he was wearing a Fortnite shirt and he was reading anime comics. I don’t think he yet realizes he really does hit all the right markers.

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