Out the Gate

(scene opens in eye doctor lobby, a khalasar of children run out the door to the car)

Doctor: So, here’s the prescription for Beta. (hands over paper) I’ll see him in a year, the rest in two. (turns to desk nurse) Can she get three dilation sunglasses? (back to Carrot, with sympathy) Try to have a good summer.
Me: (brave smile) I’ll do my best. Thanks, Doc.

(doctor exits)

Me: (eyes Desk Nurse) Uh…I have four kids. Is there any possible way I could get a fourth set to prevent any fighting on the drive home?
Older Desk Nurse: (starts laughing)
Younger Desk Nurse: Sure thing. (opens up a fourth set)
Me: I appreciate it. Maybe I could come back once a week and sit in your exam room for twenty minutes? I could bring snacks.

(both desk nurses laugh)

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