I showed them

(scene opens at cluttered dining room table)

Me: (frowning over embroidery hoop)

Gamma: (sitting stupidly close, poking at her tablet) Mom, which is a German horse breed? Shetland, Holsteiner, or Gelderland?

Me: (stops, perplexed) Why on earth are you asking me that?

Gamma: I’m playing Horse Haven and I can earn coins for answering horse questions.

Me: Oh. (thinks) Uh, I’d guess Holsteiner. (turns back to embroidery)

Gamma: Yes! (silent a moment) Mom? What’s the name of Alexander the Great’s horse? Is it…

Me: (doesn’t look up) Bucephalus.

Gamma: (jackpot noise from tablet) You’re right! I got a thousand coins! You’re so smart, mom.

Me: There have been times in my life I’ve been mocked for knowing that.

2 thoughts on “I showed them

  1. Kelda

    First, we love these. I have since I started reading them, and now I read them out loud to the equally over educated geeky husband. Second, last line is priceless. Yes. This. Because, Third, first dog was named Peritas. Because of a longer story to tell you in person, but specifically because he was Alexander’s dog. So, we grok. No mocking here!

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