(scene opens in wind-swept parking lot, Carrot hand-in-hand with Delta. They both head to a kid salon. Delta has a sheep’s worth of blond curls on his head)

(cut scene to Carrot and Delta exiting salon, Delta possessing considerably less hairs, very nearly shorn)

Delta: (despondent) I don’t like my hair this way.

Me: (sympathetically) I know, baby. She took off way more than I expected. It’ll grow back.

Delta: I don’t think it looks good. I want my hair to be longer.

Me: (with compassion) I like long hair too. Dad thought you needed it out of your face because it was getting so moppy and bothering you at school. As you get older and as you get better at caring for it yourself, you can grow it longer.

Delta: (gloomy) It doesn’t look good like this.

Me: Oh honey, you’re still my handsome boy.

Delta: (with formal chill) Mother, don’t call me handsome looking like this. This is not handsome hair.

Carrot’s Inner Voice: Oh, my heart, she breaks!

Me: (resolute) You are handsome even with short little spikey hair. It will grow back quickly and you can let it shag out all summer long.

Delta: (partially mollified) Very well.

(Delta climbs into mini-van, scene fades to black)

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