Battle Ready

(scene opens in primitive campsite, girls everywhere, Carrot sitting next to fire scar)

(Single long whistle blast sounds in distance)

Me: (perks up like deer scenting wolves) Did anyone else hear that?

Girl 1: Sounded like a whistle.

Girl 2: Is that the emergency whistle?

Girl 3: No, that’s three blasts.

Me: Girls. Boot on. Get water bottles. Where’s my tactical vest? (picks up bush vest rattling with gear, puts it on)

Gamma: Mom, why do you call it a tactical vest?

Me: You’ve seen soldiers and cops with those big bulky vests? Had a vest on with all that gear? Its a gear vest. All the gear for any situation. (Takes emergency whistle out of a pocket, puts it on)

Girl 2: But your vest has Deadpool on it.

Girl 5: Why do you have Deadpool on your vest?

Me: Because I think Deadpool is funny. And I like Chimichangas. We ride.

(Carrot marches out of camp followed by five girls armed with water bottles)

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