Emo Spoiler Alert

Alpha: Mom? Did you want to come see “The Creator” with me? It opens at my theater today.

Me: Never heard of it.

(Alpha calls up trailer on Carrot’s laptop. They both watch.)

Me: Wow. That looks pretty. I’m going to have to decline. I know I’m too emotionally compromised for that movie.

Alpha: Because of the kid?

Me: In part. That movie is going to be a “What does it mean to be human?” type of story. Where humans are the bad guys for their lack of self-awareness and willingness to kill anything they don’t understand while the machines understand the sanctity of life and self-sacrifice for the greater good and survival of the species. Its a common sci-fi theme. I know I won’t be able to handle it.

Alpha: (slightly disappointed and skeptical) Okay. If you’re sure, I’ll go by myself.

(hours pass)

(Alpha returns home)

Me: (looks up to find a red-eyed despondent Alpha) You okay?

Alpha: (shakes head)

Me: (gently) Go upstairs and take a nice long hot shower and have yourself a good cry. You’ll feel better.

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