US Healthcare: A Commentary

(scene opens in morning dining room)

Me: (on the phone aggravated) I’m check on a prescription that hasn’t come in yet?

Pharmacy: Its on back order. We might not get any until December.

Me: (more aggravated) I was told in October that it’ll arrive in November. He needs to be on this for a month before we see the doctor again for his next appointment.

Pharmacy: Yeah….they keep changing the date. That’s the generic, though. I can get the name brand stuff.

Me: (dumbfounded) Then let’s go with that!

Pharmacy: But your insurance doesn’t cover it.

Me: (long pause) My insurance covers the generic but not the name brand stuff.

Pharmacy: Yeah.

Me: Why the hell do we have insurance for anyway if it won’t let me have the stuff my doctor proscribed!?

Pharmacy: (awkward silence)