Technically a win

(scene opens in school nurse’s office)

Nurse: Thank you for coming so quickly
Me: I’m a block away, so the hardest part is gearing up (points to Delta grinning on her back). Just a fever?
Nurse: Yes. No signs of anything else, but let us know if she gets worse. (Hands Gamma over after taking parental signature)
Me: (takes Gamma’s hand and starts the chilly walk home)
Gamma: (after a long silence) I made my goal today. I was quiet in class. It was very easy because I was sleeping.
Me: You have to be quiet in class all the time.
Gamma: It’s harder when I’m awake.


Why does this even need to be said?

A mile walk to pick up the car from the shop included lighthearted conversational topics such as:

“Beta, accept the fact that you are wrong. Do not be that guy that has to justify why you had to be mean to someone. It is not her fault you have to be a jerk, it is your fault you wanted to be a jerk. No one wants to be friends with that.”


“Gamma, breaks are for the weak. We do not stop for a rest at the end of every block, we walk until we get to our destination and then we rest. The longer we take to get there, the longer we will be walking.”