Another quarter for the Wine Fund

Gamma- I found my wedding ring!
Me (folding laundry) – Oh yeah, who are you married to?
Sera – A nice boy.
Me – What’s his name?
Gamma – Alpha. He’s my brother.
Me – You can’t marry your brother.
Gamma – Can I marry him when he’s all grown up?
Me – No.
Gamma – But he’ll be nice when he’s all grown up. All the nice boys are already all married. I’m out of time!
Me – You can’t marry your brother. You will find a nice boy when you grow up. I promise.
Gamma – You don’t understand! (stomps off)
(For the record, she’s five and last week she decided she was going to marry me because she loved me so much.)


Going to the chapel

Gamma: I’m going to married you and daddy!
Me: You can’t marry me, I’m already married to daddy and you can’t marry your mommy.
Gamma: (outraged) You’re already married! I didn’t see it!
Me: We got married before you were born.
Gamma: Can you get married again? I want to see it!
Me: I’ll ask daddy. (thinks: I don’t know if I can still fit the dress)